Jurassic Park-A Look Back

There have been many evolutionary encroachments into scientific legitimacy over the last hundred years or so. But a new high was reached in 1993 when Steven Spielberg directed and released the first “Jurassic Park” movie. Costing a whopping 63 million dollars, with dazzling music and special effects that made you think dinosaurs were still alive. Of course, there have been two sequels (1997 and 2001), and the saber-rattling it is not over because there is another of these faith-killing movies to be released this month (shouldn’t be, but it is).

There is no other topic as eye-catching, or thought-grabbing (especially fitted out in millions of dollars of Hollywood glitz and glamour), than stories about “prehistoric” dinosaurs. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually to promote this masterful evolutionary icon through museums, zoos, television “documentaries,” textbooks, etc.  Nothing grabs the attention of young children (especially boys between the ages of 3-12) like dinosaurs in all genres. They are mysterious, exciting and awe-inspiring, and more than this, in their secular garb, they are Bible defying. To underscore the spiritual significance of this so-called emphasis on “pre-history,” just the presence of a dinosaur skeleton standing in an empty hallway suggests naturalistic origins, millions of years of earth history, death before sin, missing links—the whole nine yards of evolutionary make believe—like nothing else.

Soon after the release of Jurassic Park I, I was contacted by the Dallas affiliate of the USA Radio Network in 1994 and asked if I could present an exposé of this movie, because they said, “We have been contacted by many “Christians” since the movie aired, they’re asking how much of this movie was based on legitimate science.” WOW! You’ve got to be kidding? Wish I was, but sadly, they were not kidding, they were serious! And this would be hilariously funny, if it wasn’t so very tragic.

The reality in all of this is since Darwin released his book, On the Origin of Species, there has been a gradual and consistent transition in the American culture from Judeo/Christian thinking to materialistic naturalism. And we probably crossed the line of no return in 1962-63 when we outlawed Bible reading and prayer for the students in state schools. When you tell American school children that Bible study and prayer offered in Jesus’ name are against the Constitution of the United States of America—the highest legal document of the land—you are in effect, asking the Creator God to leave your country.  Nevertheless, the present evolutionary story about dinosaurs is just another attempt by the devil’s crowd to maintain their control over the American mind—and it is working!  Dinosaurs are an enemy to the gospel of Jesus Christ for two reasons: (1). The use of dinosaurs to justify millions of years age, and (2). The evolutionary notion that dinosaurs caused death before Adam’s sin.

Let us help you! Please visit our Dinosaurs, Design and Destiny page for more information about bringing one of CTFs excellent speakers to your church or school to talk about the Biblical view of these amazing creatures. This would be an outstanding back-to-school venture for your church, or your youth department. While the dinosaur subject is hot and fresh on the minds of your parents and youth, give us a call, we would be happy to help you turn the lights back on concerning the Biblical reality about dinosaurs.

Thanks for your continued prayer and financial support!

I am yours, as ever, G. Thomas Sharp

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