Aurora Borealis from the International Space Station

“On this Easter morning, I was treated with a spectacular view of the power and beauty in the Creator’s work.”
— Jeff Williams (@Astro_Jeff)
March 27, 2016

Aurora Borealis from ISS

      With the accompanying photo of aurora borealis, this was the tweet from astronaut Colonel Jeff Williams on board the International Space Station. This tweet received many responses like: “What creator?”; “What a filthy and outrageous thing for a scientist to say.”; “How disappointing. I used to admire you. Unfollow.”, as well as a few others. Many of you may not know that Colonel Williams is a Bible believing creationist as well as an astronaut. When not in space he spends personal time teaching about creation, which he’s seen from a different point of view, with an understanding of our young earth. It is to be expected that he would be blasted by many atheists and evolutionists that never see God at work. Colonel Williams is in a scientific field that clearly shows God’s Glory and handiwork, as the psalmist writes in the nineteenth chapter. There were far more positive responses than negative ones for his tweet. It is another reminder that we live in a time when people want to hear nothing about our Creator and Savior. Colonel Williams is in this battle day in and day out, yet he chooses to take a stand for the Word of God over the outcries of atheistic evolutionists. Please remember Colonel Williams in your prayer times for the next four and a half months while he orbits earth 250 miles up. I encourage you to download the NASA app, as I have, so notifications may be set on your phone that tell you when the ISS visibly passes over your location. I have found this to be an effective way of remembering to pray as I run outside and see the ISS pass over. Please pray that Colonel Williams will continue to be a light for our Creator.

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