Biblical Creation vs. Naturalistic Evolution

     CTF has ministered over the last 27 years in many states of our nation and in many countries outside our borders, to many different church persuasions, and to many different educational venues.  The one valuable lesson that I have learned from this vast experience and exposure is that the primary point of conflict between Biblical Creation and naturalistic evolution resides in two salient differences: (1.) the age of the universe, or the literal, historical legitimacy of Genesis 1; and (2.) the historical reality that a worldwide deluge occurred about 4400 years ago, or a divinely sent global judgment against sin. All other aspects of this debate are moot, and are simply an outgrowth from these two main points.

     Built into this desperate and age-long conflict (and, by the way, the word “conflict” is just another way to express the true nature of Genesis 3:15 “enmity”), are several maximizing demonic ingredients, such things as the delusion of multiculturalism, the enigmatic and continual interference caused by historical and scientific revisionism, the predominance of a mind-controlling, indoctrinating, state funded and obligatory educational system—all giving rise to a formidable declension of Biblical authority in the culture. All of this is the fruit of naturalistic evolutionism, which is antichrist in purpose!

     It is not about science (and never has been), but science has been prostituted over the past 150 years to vindicate and qualify a deliberate anti-Biblical worldview for the primary purpose of defeating the intent of the Biblical God. And the most influential and effective method Satan saw at his disposal was to obliterate the authority of the Bible by attacking the Genesis record.

     Remember, what UNESCO Director, Julian Huxley (the grandson of Thomas H. Huxley, also called Darwin’s bulldog), said: “The first point to make about Darwin’s theory is that it is no longer a theory, but a fact… Darwinism removed the whole idea of God as the creator of organisms from the sphere of rational discussion…I think we can dismiss entirely all ideas of a supernatural overriding mind being responsible for the evolutionary process.” (Huxley, Issues in Evolution, edited by Sol Tax, 1960)
    So to remove supernaturalism from the discussion, the devil first attacked Biblical chronology, and this seems so reasonable because evolutionary arguments from starlight and the earth’s stratigraphical record, just to name two of the seemingly irrefutable naturalistic positions, appear to demolish the Biblical position.
    And then he moved on to the Biblical flood. The observed multiple layers of strata on the surface of the earth gave rise to a notion called the “geological column” (even though there is no place on the earth’s surface where this so-called column can be observed complete). This is probably the most used of evolution’s so-called proofs. Among them is the idea that the evolutionary transition of life can be traced bottom-to-top throughout the entire column (which totally disregards the genetic code), and this glaring assumption shows up everywhere in the modern culture (and there are many other ramifications to this argument, as well).  But the interpretation of the rock record to be hundreds of millions of years old provides a suitable smoke screen in which are hid multiple beguiling elements of evolution.

     The most common is the idea that dinosaurs lived and died millions of years before man, about 64 million years ago to be exact, spilling the blood of air-breathing life, which of course, is a blatant  contradiction of Romans 5:12. Thanks for your continued prayer and support.

G. Thomas Sharp
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