Biogenesis is the observation that living things only produce other living things. That is in direct contrast to abiogenesis that states life has arisen naturally from non-life or non-living matter. One of these two are observational and the other purely faith-driven. Evolution demands abiogenesis to be a reality (at least once) or there is no life. Yet in all of creation we only see biogenesis, just as God told us when He created all living systems on days 3, 5 & 6 of the creation week. Some may try to argue that they were formed from matter of the earth, and rightfully so, yet that doesn’t negate that it was through Christ they were formed – Christ the very life. So throughout those first days of history we see life from life only. In Genesis 3 when we deserved immediate death, a life was given for our atonement and life. Again life to life. As we celebrate our Savior’s great gift of eternal life by the shedding of His blood, let us not be remiss that, yes, He shed His blood and died. But He did not just give His life to pay our ransom, He also resurrected to life. With the resurrection to life, overcoming death, He gives life to us for eternity. Again, it is only life that produces life. Here is yet another principle that God has shown us through His creation that illustrates the spiritual as well: nowhere in all of creation or the Bible do we observe abiogenesis, we only observe biogenesis. This resurrection season do not forget this one thing, only life can produce life. Glory to God, our Savior Jesus Christ, for life.

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