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The Jacksons are missionaries to American College Students. The Jacksons have served CTF since January 2009. Their specific oversight with the CTF ministry is Coordinators of Campus Ministry through a division called Points of Origins. They also assist the ministry as editing consultants for all the CTF books and DVDs. Dr. Jackson, affectionately known as Dr. J, received a BS (Biology), MEd (Science Ed.) and MS (Environmental Bio.) from George Mason University, and an EdD (Science Ed.) from University of Virginia. Dr. J is also a life time member of Mensa and Creation Research Society. But above and beyond all this, Dr. Jackson and his wife are in love with Jesus Christ and His word. Both Dr. J and his wife, Bonnie, are very gifted with young people at any age. Dr. J is an outstanding speaker in both Biblical and scientific topics, as well as a crafted defender of Biblical truth. Is it any wonder that Dr. Sharp calls him a nuclear warhead? Their combined contribution to the overall effectiveness of CTF is beyond understanding.


The Holy Days

It has always been pretty much understood that the origin of the short name “holiday” really refers to “holy day.” We’re now in the “holy day season” which includes Thanksgiving (now including the antithetical...

An Island State of Mind

Creation Truth Foundation has many close ministry co-laboring organizations, with whom we work on many occasions. One of these is Dr. Carl Baugh’s Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, TX. Our founder and president,...