Chinese Flood

     Well, a new study out of China shows evidence that supports a flood some 4000 years ago. Don’t get too excited yet, as I did when the first headlines hit the airwaves.  At first, it sounds as though the Flood of Noah has been shown to be actual history again with the evidence from China. It does in part, but what the study actually supports better is the historicity of Babel and the Table of Nations following the Flood. The Chinese researchers set out to establish that the Xia dynasty was younger than previously thought. The historical event that ties this dynasty to reality is a flood event in Chinese history. A large excavation of rock deposits and remains in a cave dwelling show evidence of a flood on the Yellow River in the Jishi Gorge. As the researchers radiocarbon dated many of the samples, it supported a younger date of 1920 BC for the flood. On other samples, however, the radiocarbon dating also supported the Biblical timeline for a Noahacian Flood 2350 BC. While the rocks with earlier dates were not focused on in this study, these dates also support the dispersion by languages around 2250 BC. There is enough time between Babel (based on being about 100 years after the 2350 BC flood shown in the rocks) and the  1920 BC flood for people to have left and established a civilization in China. We expect that an Ice Age that followed the global flood in the Bible would have been approaching peak within 75 years of the Chinese flood. This would have led to great local floods during Ice Age transition years. So, the Xia dynasty and Jishi flood supports the Biblical history of Babel. Again be encouraged that Biblical history is legitimate with ever-increasing observational evidence. If you would like to check out the study, seek out the August 2016 issue of Science magazine. Stand for the Truth and don’t let supposed historical “problems” originated by evolutionists about pagan civilizations create doubt of Biblical history.
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