Debate Report

Well, I’ve gotten comments like, “You beat him.” and “You mopped the floor with him.” That last one from one of his former students who was almost turned old-earth by him in his classroom of ridiculing Christianity … sigh. It was indeed a clown show of Dr. Recker desperately straining to keep the debate from ever entering the realm of science. He shocked us all in a debate entitled “Do Fossils Confirm Human Evolution?” by starting off saying that he was not going to talk about science but about philosophy instead.  And that set the tone. He kept trying to blur the issue the whole time, saying if you believe in change you believe in evolution and that’s all there is to it. I kept trying to get it all back to science and to the fossils and to the evidence and away from opinions and theories and … stories! Man, could he reel out the stories! He just told the evolution story in short form and in different words over and over again … always with a just-so mentality and a because-I-say-so and a everybody-thinks-so attitude. The audience saw through that. Dr. Recker also refused to be videotaped even though the atheist club greatly desired it. In the end he had them turn off the camera and the recording mics every time he spoke. What does that tell you???? Glory to the God of Truth. Amen. It is sad that he is allowed to teach at a state-tax funded institution. He is neither a good thinker nor a good teacher. He lays back on the laurels of others and appeals to their authority and calls that kind of “evidence” to be “overwhelming proof” that evolution is true. I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh at him. He was not the saddest evolutionist that I have ever debated. But he was the lame-est. And I have debated many. It was very sad. He was not sharp in the slightest, and had to rely on verbal tricks in his efforts to survive the night. My message to him is “everybody saw.” God bless. May the God of glory be with you all this day.

In Jesus’ Name, DrJ

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