Divine Authority

The Lord has empowered us here at CTF with a powerful message about His divine authority.  This message is one that is fundamental to our Christian life that helps us understand Christ as our Savior.  In the media, school systems, books, and even many churches, evolution continues to undermine this message of our origin.  The evolutionary process of man having common ancestry with other primates and ultimately all mammals, no matter if it is thought of as godless or God-driven, is unsubstantiated in all scientific rigors.  Yet, this idea has been established as fact in the minds of many people in some form or fashion.  Whether it appears as traditional Darwinian evolution or merely as immense amounts of time outside of the Biblical timeframe, it is evolution, plain and simple.  We here at CTF have been given a call to combat this thinking with a message of hope, truth and authority.

Several years ago as Doc began our Cadre classes for church leadership, lay leadership and others, his desire was to multiply this God-given message further than our ministry.  Gratefully, I write today as one of the first Cadre members the Lord used to take this message out.  Since our first meetings in 2005, we have educated over 80 individuals who are sharing the accuracy of the Biblical account in churches, work places, other countries, schools, and homes.  These brothers and sisters have been entrusted with a powerful message that others need to hear.  So, we are beginning a new section in our newsletter called Cadre Column.  Here our readers will have the opportunity to read articles written by Cadre members.  These articles will show the battle from a different vantage point than we at CTF see it, day in and day out.  These brothers and sisters are in the trenches everyday and that brings a different perspective of the battle than we have.  My prayer is that the Lord will use their articles to show the power of a Biblical worldview.  Please enjoy the articles and lift these great warriors up in prayer each month.


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