End of the Year Letter

In Psalms 39:4, David pensively rehearses his life, considers his own mortality, asked the LORD to help him measure his days and to understand his own frailty. This seems strange, but is a legitimate activity and not morbid at all. It is healthy that we reminisce the days of our life, and rehearse the many times that without God’s interposition, we were but clay in the enemy’s hands.

While sitting here at my computer pecking away in an attempt to author an article for December Newsletter, all of a sudden the above application received enlightenment and purpose. It suddenly became apparent to me that I was captured by the gospel in 1951, at age 9, 64 years ago (not too long after WWII), a time that was peaceful in America (at least, it seemed so) but, tragically, and more to the point, the moral, physical and political environment of our founding era is in jeopardy.

I am overwhelmed that the normal climate of life today is filled with myriad distractions, humanly planned obsolescence, governmentally contrived regulations producing nocuous stalemates of all sorts, international obfuscation (including our continued rejection of Israel), unpreceded religious disorder in many churches, and into this melee the television provides what is called “news,” consisting of 20-somethings “babbling” unendingly about things they do not understand. The insanity is deafening!

So, as we approach this December 25th, what are believers to do in this environment? First, we must remember that Jesus Christ did not come into the world to die for America; He did not die for the Republicans or the Democrats; He did not shed His sacred blood for any political system.  He died only to save His people from their sins (Isaiah 53:1-5, Matthew 1:21)!

Secondly, we must continue to honorably celebrate His birth by publically reading the Gospel account of His birth, His life, His death, His burial and His resurrection, with very little Santa Claus, Xmas, or Season Greetings—but an abundance of friendship, fellowship and worship—praising His matchless name by passing a hardy “Merry Christmas” to those with whom we come in contact.

Thirdly, we must renew our efforts to pray and study His Word. We must set a special time in the New Year for fasting and prayer—seeking His face, repenting for our nation’s sins, and doubling down on our personal righteousness (remembering that the only person that we can really change is ourselves).

Fourthly, we must seriously pray that pastors will declare truth as never before, and that we are infused with a holy boldness to effectively witness Biblical truth, not insincere confrontation, but a genuine witness to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thanks for your continued prayer and support for this ministry. Have a warm celebration of His first coming, and be aware that He is coming again…real soon (I think).


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