Evolution "Mite" be a Lie !!

Researchers painstakingly examined 70,000 droplets of amber found in northeastern Italy. Stuck in them were two microscopic mites and much of one fly. The mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye and the fly is a tad tinier than a fruit fly, researchers say.
 And when Grimaldi compared the ancient mites to their modern day descendants, he was surprised about how similar they are. Except for difference in the mouth and fewer legs, “they’re dead ringers for (modern) gall mites,” he said.
Evo’s are always “surprised” by the actual data and observations produced by true scientific discovery.  That’s because — true science — so often goes against evolutionary doctrines of thinking!
 And that’s surprising because the world itself has changed a lot from when these bugs were alive. Back then, there was only one giant continent, some early primitive dinosaurs and no flower plants. Mites now live on flowering plants, but their ancient relatives must have stayed on trees, Grimaldi said.

He’s only saying must have stayed on trees” … because evo-thinking says there — were no flowering plants (angiosperms) at “that time” in the evolution-story of life on Earth.  But he also admits that insect scientists tell us … mites only live on angiosperms!  Once again, observational science not only does not support evolution — it contradicts evolution!

These mites have remained recognizably the same — since God made them … 6016 years ago.  That’s why — these “230 mill year-old” bugs … look just like the ones we have today.  That’s a whole big lotta millions of years … for evolution to just be sittin’ on its hands … not doing a thing to those mites … while meanwhile it was busy changing the Morganucodon rat (210 mill yrs ago in the evo-story) into every single kind of mammal that lives today — people, dogs, cows, whales, bats — whew!  What faith!  (but not science!)   DrJackson

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