Existence from Divine Nature

Our existence is one that many people have spent their lives researching, trying to answer the questions of where did we come from, who we are, why are we here, and where are we going. When we boil it all down to our physical existence, we are left with basic elements: space, mass, time and energy. Those with an evolutionary worldview will argue that these elements have always been here since the Big Bang or, at the very least, present in the singularity that started it all. Yet there is not one shred of evidence for that to be the case outside of their belief or, dare I say, faith. Once again, when exploring our origin, we can and should look to the first-hand account in Genesis that has clues about our existence from the beginning.

We should expect the observable reality to show support for the Genesis account. Genesis 1:1 states that “In the beginning” God created from nothing both the “heavens and the earth”. This verse has been memorized by a large number of believers, many from an early age, but we rarely really examine it for everything the Lord is telling us. In the first verse of His Word, I believe He is telling us more than He is “just” our Creator – He is establishing the elements of our existence. Three words in the first verse of all of scripture very much describe the basic elements of our existence. “Beginning” is the word for first time, or the start of time. “Heavens” is the word for air or space. “Earth” is the word for elements or matter. The most basic elements is what the Lord began with first. Should we expect anything different? Some may say, “Those elements were exactly what the Big Bang starts with”, yet in the BB model they are present all by themselves without cause. Spontaneous generation, of which this is a form, has been scientifically shown over and over again to be false. On the other hand, here the Lord clearly states He “created” them as our first cause.

Why is this discussion so important? Because the Lord reveals a truth about the first day of creation through the apostle Paul in Romans 1:20. Paul writes that God’s invisible attributes, or qualities, are clearly seen through what He made in the beginning. Those two qualities that we clearly see are His divine nature, or Godhead, and His eternal power. One might wonder how these “invisible” qualities are “clearly seen” as it looks a little oxymoronic at first glance. But, if we look back to the beginning in Genesis 1 on the first day of history, it is clearly seen. He created our basic elements of existence patterned after His nature: Father, Son and Spirit. When He created time, it was a first in eternity, a creation which is only understood through our Eternal Father. He is the I Am, who was and is and is to come with no beginning and no end. Only He can hold time or govern it. He, and only He, knows when time will cease and only eternity remains. Then, when He created matter it had all the right elements for His existence as the Son in the flesh. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, or matter. He made matter knowing from the beginning that the end of His sacrificial body of matter would be on the cross to pay the wage of sin, death. Yet, He physically rose from the dead to give the precious gift of life. The third part of His initial creation, space, is clearly distinct from time and matter, yet is connected to and impacted by both. When we are saved, the Spirit fills our inmost space that was designed to be filled only by Him. He is our Counselor and Comforter who has made a home in our emptiness of matter and flesh.

The most unique and awesome aspect of all of this is that we only worship one God, not three. This aspect is one of many that separates Christianity from other religions around the world. The Word of God is so very clear on this point, as much as we sometimes have a difficult time understanding how three are one. This last aspect is also reflected in Day 1 creation as we exist in a universe made of space, mass, and time – one made of three. They work together so seamlessly that we almost never see each distinctive element. It is impossible to separate them or even understand one without the others. They are only understood together as they work in a continuum. The basic elements of existence mirror their Creator so we may clearly see His divine nature and be without excuse to worship Him.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share the Word of God today. In all things we must seek to know the Creator first, as He is our Savior. We at CTF have been called to the task of training believers so that they will not forget those important aspects that were written in the Word of God for us to know our Creator. We appreciate, more than we can express in words, your prayerful and monthly support of this ministry. Your prayers on a regular basis is one of our greatest needs.

Blessings to all of you – Matt

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M Miles

Matt & Theresa are missionaries to the Church in this age of Biblical relativism. They have been with CTF since January 2006. Matt’s burden for today’s church to know the Truth has led him to take up the mantle of CTF President in 2018. Over the last several years, the Lord has broadened Matt's ministry scope to include whole congregations with growing recognition. Matt is a well-studied preacher and teacher of Biblical origins, and has through much study developed an excellent program in Biblical Astronomy. He is a very talented communicator with young people of all ages, and is becoming a much sought after speaker in Christian youth camps and youth training programs. Theresa works within CTF as our Resource Manager, she oversees all of the products we sell in-house or on the road. The Miles’ graduated from Manhattan Christian College, and prior to CTF Matt effectively served the Lord in three different Kansas churches as Youth Pastor. Matt and Theresa have been married for over 25 years and have two beautiful daughters, Brooke & Megan. Theresa and the girls are a great support to the ministry when on the road or at home.

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