Ice Age Movie Facts?

       Popular media is a powerful force on general audiences. But we all see that it does not always portray the truth accurately; especially not in matters of biblical importance. People often ask where the Ice Age fits into the biblical science timeline of history. That’s an important question, like many other timeline questions we get. The newest installment of the “Ice Age” cartoon movies now addresses the meteor impact theory for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Despite their dogmatic endorsement of  the evo-atheist humanist concepts, these movies do get at least one thumbs up from us creationists — for portraying dinosaurs and mammals living together at the same time (a fact that I’m sure most evolution-believers hate). But what about the Ice Age, and the meteor impact, and the dinosaur extinctions? How do they all relate to one another in the biblical worldview scientific time frame?

Evolutionist timeframes allow for many epochs of ice age. The biblical creation timeframe allows for only one (in the five centuries following the Flood). One evo-theory even provides for a total global glacier – even to the equator! – called the “snowball earth” theory. So, some evo’s might consider one of these ice ages to be at least a trigger to the dino-extinctions (seen by the rarity of any dino fossils in the sedimentary rock layers above the Triassic). Among the dozens of dino-extinction theories, only one has survived extinction in the evo scientific community – the Impact Theory – that an asteroid about four miles wide hit the earth about 65 million years ago and damaged the environment so globally that all of the dinosaurian era reptiles became immediately extinct. It doesn’t explain why all of the other reptiles (and mammals) living at that time went on through that time just fine. But the world’s paleontologists all “voted” on this about eight years ago. And so “that settles it” – an asteroid did it! This theory is presented as the proven truth, in this most recent “Ice Age” film. But is it the truth? And how can we know?

The Bible certainly agrees with the idea that a celestial body falling to the earth could wreak a terrible destruction (as with the future “star” Wormwood falling in Revelation). However, the closest thing to this happening in the past, might only be the thought of as having been some player in the events during the Flood of Noah.  It is certain that our solar system did at one time endure a great bombardment of asteroids.  We can see evidence of this on our earth’s surface, and much more so on the surfaces of the other rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and even our own moon Luna.  Biblical worldview science plus secular science even agree that the Mars Flood (though we disagree on the timeframe of it) was most likely caused by an asteroid impact!

So maybe it’s not so tough to believe that an asteroid caused the Flood of Noah. But it is not consistent with good science nor with good biblical worldview, to say that an asteroid is to blame for the dino extinctions. ‘Just sayin’ … so you’ll know what to believe as truth … and what to just enjoy as an entertaining cartoon experience!

Yours in the Truth. Dr. Jackson

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