Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies Cadre Program

Each year during the month of November, we are to reflect on the things for which we are thankful. This month I am so very thankful for this ministry that the Lord called me to over 10 years ago. One very important avenue He used in that calling was our Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies Cadre program. I was one of the first to be involved with this now 11-year-old program. Doc had received a calling to teach and replicate himself (in his knowledge of Genesis) in the local church beyond our traditional traveling ministry, so he began inviting pastors and church leaders to come study in depth the importance of Genesis. The Cadre program has changed over the course of time, yet the driving force behind it will never change – training people to teach and understand the worldview foundation established in those first 12 chapters. At our annual banquet this year, we graduated the 12th Cadre with 9 members. We now have 91 members of our Cadre alumni that are preaching and teaching the material that we have entrusted to them. The group does not only include pastors and church staff; we have instructed firefighters, lawyers, truck drivers, accountants, school teachers, entrepreneurs, moms, sons, and daughters. They have come from far and wide, including twelve different states and Canada. One of the most overwhelming aspects of this ministry is knowing that these Cadre members are using their Biblical worldview training wherever the Lord is placing them. Sometimes that is not in a church setting but instead is in a small group, office study, homeschool, parenting, fostering children, public school, or in cyberspace. Some of these Cadre members have very successful blogs and carry out the battle for truth on the front lines with the “intellectual discussion” types. The Lord has equipped us at CTF to further the Kingdom’s knowledge of Him by reinforcing the battle line against Satan’s evolutionary worldview lies. This Cadre program is one aspect of, if not our most important, ministry. Please keep this part of our ministry in your prayers as we send out new, well-equipped warriors for the Truth.

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