June Summer Camps

During the month of June, I have attended two separate camps as the missionary for the week. It is always a privilege to go to camp and teach the Word of God. The camp themes were Unbroken for the first week and Reclaimed for the second. Both of these themes have a great deal to do with our Biblical worldview. Over the course of the week I took the opportunity to show that the history of the Bible is Unbroken and should be Reclaimed as actual history. Regardless of what the world says, the Bible’s history is intact and correct. I taught that the fossil record does not demand long ages, just the right conditions to form fossils. We also studied that we should Reclaim the dinosaurs. More and more evidence is coming to light in support of dinosaurs living more recent in history than previously thought or dreamed by many people. Recent finds of blood cells and other soft tissue from dinosaurs again shows the Word of God’s history is Unbroken from the creation to now.  Another topic we tackled during camp is that we are only one race of people, the human race. We Reclaimed  our created image of God away from an evolutionary struggle for a favored race among many, which still seems to be promoted by many in the world today. I tried to help students grasp that our ethnicity, not race, can easily be traced back Unbroken in history to Babel. It has been an amazing summer so far as we see students Reclaim the Bible as Unbroken history in their lives. It is awe inspiring to serve the One True God, Jesus Christ.

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