More Monkey Business

     I recently spoke at a high school youth camp. One young lady who was baptized that week later emailed me two questions, even after the seven sessions that I had with the campers. Because these are such very common and also very good questions, I thought I’d answer them here in the newsletter also. They are “How can evolutionists believe that evolution could go backwards for a million years after the Lucy fossil?” and “How can evolutionists believe we came from monkeys since there are still monkeys today?”

Teachers, professors and science documentaries almost always present evolution as a process that sort of “has got something in mind” or that it is “going someplace with this.” Of course, what the theory really says is that evolution has no direction at all, except for “survival of the fittest.” Of course we know evolution is not true, and it is really “sketchy” science at its best. So the real leaders in evolution try to keep the theory away from problem questions like these. They teach things like, “the evolution story has no direction, even when it looks like it does.”

Harvard evolutionist Stephen J. Gould explained this in his famous “left wall” analogy. He said it was like a drunk stumbling down the street and there’s a wall on his left. It might seem he’s got some direction in mind because he keeps turning right. Gould likened this to the evolution story of creating more complex life forms from the simple bacteria. There’s just no place else to go but up, if you start with bacteria. So he says evolution wasn’t “trying” to make more complex forms. It’s just that no matter what changes might occur, it will only just look like evolution is trying to make things better. That’s the theory in the leaders’ heads. But it is not the cleaned-up version you’ll get in the textbooks and the classrooms of our schools. Don’t take me wrong. Evolution is not true. But if it was, it would have no direction — like Gould said. So this all means, by their own rules then, evolution could just go backwards any time it happens to merely by chance. I know this isn’t very efficient when you try to imagine a process that’s supposed to be able to turn worms into eagles. But there it is.

As for why there are still monkeys, if we came from them … the standard evo-answer is simple. Only some of the monkeys turned into humans. The rest of them simply just stayed monkeys and only turned into different-looking monkeys and didn’t go on to turn into us. Simple? Yeah. But I’d rather bet on the moon being made of cheese.

Keep thinking. Dr. Jackson

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