Multiculturalism in the Church

A few years back, Josh McDowell was asked his opinion about the state of the Church in North America (c. 1970). He responded, among other things, that the church has been bombarded with influences of multiculturalism more than ever. Specifically, he mentioned three of the primary fruits of this dastardly modern influence; tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Then, he underscored the significance of the cause for these effects… that most in the church are, by and large, so Biblically ignorant until they cannot express definitively, with conviction, what they believe and why they believe it! He underscored the viral aspect of the ongoing dumbing down process caused by the evolutionization of America.

Multiculturalism is the co-existence and absolute equality of diverse cultures and peoples, including all racial, religious, language groups within any given country, thus rejecting that a superior way of life exists. However, in its modern form, it completely excoriates the “melting pot” concept of national assimilation, and asserts a suffocating equality that permits all language groups to continue to speak their native tongue, maintain their cultural norms and practices, and live in a separate borough or district that simply extends their native behaviors and habits into the land of America.

Multiculturalism is, in its present politicized posture (which always abandons the clear interpretation of the U. S. Constitution), a product of pragmatic relativism that is supported by an extreme evolutionism—a fact that will ultimately annihilate all the freedoms of the Bill of Rights! Moreover, deviate moral and non-Biblical spiritual behaviors are always produced when Biblical principal is sacrificed on the altar of human arrogance and selfishness.

In America, the progressive elite has softened the implications of this scourge with a series of terms that, when pressed to their ultimate intent, are always undermining and seditious—such things as: diversity, tolerance, egalitarianism, inclusion, absolute individualism and “unequal” racial equality, a revulsion of America’s common culture and core values, the total abandonment of Judeo/Christian principles as the guideline for American life and practice, unrestricted human rights, etc.—these are among the most foreboding enemies standing against our family, our faith and our Republic.

Thanks for your continued prayer and financial support! I am yours, as ever.


G. Thomas Sharp

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