On the Nature of Things

     An ancient Greek scientist-philosopher named Democritus once wrote a poem of the same name as the above title of this article. In it, he described his basic atomic theory, thousands of years before Dalton made it official. And it wasn’t until the 1980’s that we were even able to confirm it visually, by using the scanning-tunneling electron microscope. It’s never been bad thing to be a philosopher of science and to put forth unprovable theories. What is wrong is to put forth those theories as though you are saying they have already been proven and that they ought to be accepted as facts. Such is the sorry state of the scientific community today.

Like so much of our 21st century civilization, science itself has also grown extremely shallow roots, allowing the older deeper roots to atrophy and to die off at the ends. Gone are the days of the philosopher scientist or even the entrepreneur inventor bringing something of new use the others in his world, if even for a tidy profit. No, in our world today, science has become a set of bullies playing “king of the hill” and trying desperately to keep on top by pushing others down. Gone is the nobility. Gone is the respectability. Gone is the dignity and the trustworthiness. Science has become almost completely like politics. Sad.

As a result, you can’t trust scientists. Oh yes, you can read science books from 60 years ago and be pretty sure that everything that you find will be written in the time-honored search for the truth. But even there, you will have to winnow out the early forces of political correctness and the influence of the devil’s atheist brigade that was even then elbowing out the gentler philosophies associated with the age old quest for the truth. Now, science has completely become nothing more than a gang war full of pseudo-intellectuals afraid that someone will lead the world to find out the truth about – them – which is that “the emperor has no clothes.”

Would that we could return or, at the very least, make an appeal for the return to nothing less or more than honesty in the science world of today. How happy that would make me! But no, the situation as it stands calls for nothing less than a return in kind to the open hostility of the status quo response to any who remain aligned to the “search for the truth” espoused by Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling and countless other true scientists of the past. (“No More War!” 1958, Dodd Mead, NY, p209.)

This is why the creation science education ministry is important. It is an important apologetic for the Church in our time. Do not mistake the meaning of this word, for it sounds perhaps too much like we are sorry for giving the evolution-believers and the atheists a hard time. We are not. An apology is a reconciling. And we creation ministers are (not unlike balancing a messy checkbook) merely trying to bring into justification the record – to keep it straight. Evolution is not a science. It never was and never can be. “Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning and it is still true of evolution today.” (Michael Ruse, evolutionary philosopher at Florida State U, in the National Post newspaper, 5/13/200)

Keep thinking,  DrJ

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