Portable Astronomy Lab

“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.”  Psalm 19:1

     On Day 4 of history, the Lord filled the heavens with His handiwork. These great creative works exclaim His mighty glory for all to marvel at in amazement. It is with great excitement that I announce a new ministry tool, made possible through the generous gifts of Christian Fellowship Church (Mound City, MO), Cabool Christian Church (Cabool, MO), the Middle and High School youth of Boiling Springs Christian Camp, and other individuals. We now have a Portable Astronomy Lab (PAL) with a telescope for the purpose of studying His handiwork and glory. This device is powerful enough to bring in some of the most distant and faint objects in the night sky. Our desire is to show these objects to people of all ages who have never had the opportunity to see them outside of books and television. This telescope will rival many at observatories around the country, yet it is portable enough to bring it to you. Not only do we have the ability to view the heavens through eyepieces in a traditional manner, but we have also acquired a specially designed camera. This camera has the unique ability to project a live image of what the scope sees on an outdoor screen for group viewing. Now instead of taking a group of 40 people an hour to see two objects through a scope, we can show the group 15 or more objects in the same time. This tool allows for a greater number of people to experience the Lord’s creative power.  The PAL will travel with our Mobile Museum of Earth History. In the summer, it will go with me to camps and VBSes to inspire our youth to seek His glory and study His creation. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page in the coming months as we post pics from time to time. There are very few ministries out there with a tool of this magnitude, so we are very thankful for it and look forward to many years of teaching His Word with it.
For those of you out there with a tech bone, here are the PAL particulars:
Orion xx16g (16” diameter Truss tube Dobsonian reflector telescope)
1800mm focal length, f/4.4 focal ratio
Goto/tracking base
DS2.3 Plus Mallincam camera
Sky-fi controller
Sky Safari Software
GPS locator
100” outdoor screen
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