Q & A: 12,000 yr-old Human Artifacts?

Dr. J,
How do explain 12,000 year old fishing tackle?

Ha … so Ryan, and how do they know that it’s 12K yrs old? Would that be Carbon-14? Or would it just be because of the sophistication of it or the layer in which it was found?  My point is … I don’t have to explain 12k yr-old fishing tackle. They have to explain why they said that … ‘cuz it just ain’t so.

The Science Daily article says this was the “first time” that they’d found such artifacts in “stratification” sediments. This hints that they just assumed the age of the artifacts, by using the already-assumed age of the stratum of sediments in which they found them. They also seemed to have made age-estimates based upon the assumed time of the extinction of some duck bones they found in the same layer, and assumptions about the sophistication of the tools, and assumptions about their additional theories on the migrational patterns Ice-Age humans across the Berring Straits land/ice-bridge and their theories on the timing of the existence of the bridge. In short, Ryan, they have the sequence of events roughly right, just not the actual years right. They data is real. Their inferences are –well– as usually is the case … only what they wish for them to be.

Yours in the knowing — Keep thinking. DrJ


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