Radiocarbon Dates For Fossils

     We are constantly told that “Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.” From an early age we learn about these great creatures and the common feature of this story is that they existed in times that supposedly existed long before the “evolution of man.” This worldview is taught by textbooks, museums, television, movies, etc. From Dr. Seuss to post graduate work (for example, at Montana State University), we have the so-called “prehistoric” ages drummed into our heads as if they really happened. Evolutionary “science” attempts to show that eons of earth time are represented by the fossil record, with the earliest life form sat the bottom of the rock record, and proceeding upward—layer after layer—all the way to the top, with more “advanced life” buried in the “recent” layers.

     There are many professing Bible-believing scientists that also advocate these long ages (evolutionary creationists they are), while at the same time they attempt to maintain scriptural integrity. This evolutionary worldview is also being taught in science departments of Christian colleges the world over with no challenge from the Churches or leading Bible teachers. Why is this? But, they are not fooling the unbelievers. This is evidenced in a recent Huffington Post article, “Earth 2.0: Bad News for God,”1  the author shows that the Bible is clear about creation, but that many religious people change their beliefs to fit the perceived scientific evidence. The article’s premise is that when life is found somewhere else in the universe, it will destroy the basis of biblical faith.  Already, many secular geologists think that the fossil record destroys any possibility that the earth is young.

The author, Jeff Schweitzer, identifies:
“We know all of this took place in six days because Genesis 2:2 says, ‘And on the seventh day, God ended his work which he had made.’ Now some say that these are not real days, but allegorical “god days” which could be millions of years each. But no, when god said let there be light and created life in six days, he tied these events to seasons on earth, which are governed by real days. So the Bible tells us that all life, in all the heavens, was all put on earth in six days—that is six earth days.”

Interestingly, he closes his attack of Bible believers by calling out those fence riding evo-creationists again:
“Religious leaders will simply declare that such life is fully compatible with, in fact predicted by, the Bible. Just like they eventually swept under the rug being wrong about earth’s position in the heavens. Or evolution. They will create contorted justifications to support this view, cite a few passages of the bible that could mean anything, and declare victory. Don’t say I did not warn you.”

     True creationists do not contort scripture to fit observed scientific evidence. The Word of God is plain about the details of creation—even this perceived atheist acknowledges this fact. The billions of years are simply not present in the Bible record. The commonly used semantic illusion known as “prehistory” is assumed by all evolutionists, and is the same non-scriptural notion that drives the dinosaur story.

     As I noted earlier, evolutionists rely heavily on their interpretation of the geologic column for their dinosaur history, believing that each major layer is tens to hundreds of millions of years older than the one above it. When excavating dinosaur fossils, the common practice of dating those fossil dinosaurs is by noting in which layer they are found. The layers of the geologic column are assumed to be the ages applied to them by evolutionary history, not Biblical history. In recent years this presumed history is coming under increasing question. In fact, scientists have now uncovered numerous soft tissue samples from every major strata of the geologic column. Creationists expect to find this data as the earth is not as old as the evolutionary standards state, or demand.

     Our belief is that most of the fossil record was laid down during the Genesis Flood. In the course of that one catastrophic event, many living creatures were buried rapidly in the sedimentary layers just a little more than 4300 years ago, leaving behind the many layers of rocks we see today over the entire planet. With the discovery of soft tissues found in these layers, our belief is reinforced with solid observable data, although it is being secularly researched for an evolutionary explanation even as I write this article. But even so, we now have observable data to add to the evidence demonstrating that our worldview is the true one.

     Over the course of the last few years, Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and Vance Nelson of Creation Truth Ministries (CTM) teamed up and researched the possibility of radiocarbon dates for fossils2. Their research came to my attention last year but I was asked to not mention much about it until their research paper was published. Well, their initial research is in and once again the observable data supports the Biblical record of history. Their idea was to see if fossils from each major geological system, i.e., Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic, contained radiocarbon in detectable levels.

     For those unfamiliar with radiocarbon, theoretically after about 100,000 years the amount radiocarbon in any given sample would have decayed away to undetectable levels. According to evolutionary assumptions applied to the geologic column the dates of the layers associated with this study are:

Paleozoic—542 million years to 251 million years, Mesozoic—251million years to 65 million years, Cenozoic (to the early Pleistocene)—65 million years to 800 thousand years.

     All things being equal in the evolutionary worldview, there should be no detectable radiocarbon present in any fossils from these strata. There had been a few previous studies done, but none quite as comprehensive as this one. Now, cue the angelic music!

     The research team took 16 samples from 14 fossils for their base, 9 of the 16 samples were from 7 dinosaur fossils, with the rest from wood, fish, fruit and a non-dinosaurian lizard. These fossils were excavated from fossil beds around the world to limit the possibility of local radiocarbon contamination. They were sent to 5 different,  renowned carbon dating laboratories to limit the possibility of lab errors. The verdict: every one of the samples showed detectable levels of radiocarbon. WOW!! The evolutionary age span of the samples was 10-290 million years old, yet the radiocarbon age range was 17,850 to 49,470 years. These dates are not even in the ball park of the supposed evolutionary age of dinosaurs—in fact, they are not in the game at all. Now, the range of radiocarbon years does not align with Biblical history either, but we must remember radiocarbon dates are also based on assumptions believed for the carbon dating process. The fabulous take-away is that we have again documented observable radiocarbon in dinosaur fossils that by evolutionary aging should have long ago returned zero. Rest assured the evolutionists and evo-creationists will scream contamination, but the team took every precaution necessary to account for this possibility.

     Church, we should be praising the Lord for the ability and opportunity this team has for this kind of research. I would love to see all evolutionists and evo-creationists alike come to the reality that the Biblical history is correct, but I am not holding my breath. However, this is yet another arrow in our quiver for Biblical inerrancy and authority. Once again I say, “God created dinosaurs on the same day as people, and placed a pair of each kind on the Ark so they would not perish during the Flood.” This is exciting news that should again turn our hearts and minds to the Creator in worship. There is no blind faith needed to serve our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

1  Schweitzer, Jeff. 7/23/15. Earth 2.0: Bad News for God. Huffington Post.
2  Thomas, B, V. Nelson. 2015. Radiocarbon in Dinosaur and Other Fossils. Creation Research Society Quarterly. 51:299-311
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