Age of the Earth?

POINTS OF ORIGINS with Dr. Jackson

How old is the earth and wouldn’t we know how old it is by the book Numbers in the Bible?  Megan

Megan, that’s a great question. And the answer will split the churches right down the middle … even though –you– are right.

A quick do-the-math exercise going from the ages of the patriachs in Genesis … will give you Adam’s original birth date of 4004 BC, Noah’s Flood at 2348 BC, and the birth of Abraham at about 2056 BC. Yep, that means when you read the Bible and take it literally, dear sister. Earth has only been around for 6015 yrs. ‘Sound short? Not really. Nobody alive today can easily conceptualize 1000 yrs. The Flood explains the drastic changes in the earth’s landforms … not billions of years of river-activitiy. Amen.

God bless you, your brother, DrJ

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