Were Dino’s Just Big Lizards?

Quick Question:  Is there any validity to the argument that dinosaurs were just reptiles that were given time to grow into our dino friends? Pre flood life spans of humans were much longer and i’m guess the same is true of animals but do reptiles continue to grow as long as they live? Chris G


Reptiles do continue to grow slowly as long as they live. But the dino’s were not just large; they were anatomically unique, and not as a result of extreme age. Dino’s were the only reptiles to ever live that had turbinates in their nasal passages, so they probably had a good sense of smell, much like most mammals do. Their legs also, bear the weight of their body, directly under the body. All non-extinct reptiles today, have their legs spread out to the sides. They also may have been less cold-blooded than the other members of Class Reptilia. All forms of Order Dinosauria were different from any other reptiles that ever lived. I hope this helps.

Your friend and brother, Dr Jackson

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