The Earth Was Divided

      Summer is upon us and I am preparing to hit the road with a full schedule of camps and VBS programs. I have recently been studying the post-Flood time period. Several interesting and important facts come to light when working through the text of Genesis 10-11. First, chapter 10 holds a great detail of history with genealogies of Noah’s descendants. It gives us a good overview of a select few of his grandsons, like Peleg. Second, chapter 11 begins with details from part of the time overviewed in chapter 10. This is often the case – one chapter lays out an overview and the next holds details for a specific point in the previous chapter. Babel is the detailed narrative connecting back to Peleg in chapter 10.

Chapter 10 describes that during Peleg’s day “the earth was divided” with no more information. Some have argued this is when the physical division of the continents occurred in history. I don’t think that is the case from a Hebraic and geological point of view. The Hebrew does not bear out the need for this passage to be physical earth division. It just as easily and contextually bears out the dispersion of all people by language around the globe. From a purely geological position, if the earth being divided into the seven continents we observe today had occurred during Peleg’s time, then we have big problems. One of those problems would include the need for another worldwide flood, monumental disaster and carnage. This stance simply is not supported in the Scriptures, as it would break the rainbow covenant the Lord made following the Flood. So we see that Chapter 11 shares the details of our earth’s division during Peleg’s time with the account of Babel. Noah’s descendants were not following the Lord’s post-flood command to fill the earth. Instead, their desire was to make a name themselves. It seems once again they chose to rebel rather than obey. So, I leave you with this – chapters 10 and 11 hold valuable truths that should cause us to stop and reflect on our own lives. Are there areas in my life that I am making a name for myself in disobedience of the One who calls me to share His name in the world?

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