the "Full Gospel"

Over the years, as people have asked literally thousands of questions during the Q&A sessions that we speakers from Creation Truth Foundation run into … we begin to see a pattern.  Most questions can be answered from the Scriptures, in addition to from what modern science can tell us about the historicity of the Bible.

By this, what I’m trying to say is … many of the questions we get … are really just pleas for assurance in the face of the question “Is the Bible really true? … really, really, I mean.”  The answer of course is “yes.”  And our thinking here at CTF has become more and more clearly defined as “The Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible, so help me God.”  Amen to that!
When we speak to an atheist group, or if the crowd is otherwise populated largely by unbelievers … we are accustomed to our Biblical authority not carrying much weight with our audience.  That’s to be expected.  But when we speak in a totally “Christian” setting … and we have people in the audience who are doubting the Bible’s literal and face-value authority … we have a real contradiction in terms there.  At least with the atheists — we know what they are believing and teaching!  With the compromising believers … you really never are quite sure of just –what– you’re getting!

So stick to your Bible.  We used to say “stick to your guns.”  And that’s not too far from the truth in this case.  I wonder if there –were– guns … in Paul’s day … if he would not have included a gun among the outfitting for a soldier, rather than a sword — representing the Word of God.

Hey, here in the mid-west (and also in the military) they have a saying — “Take good care of your gun, and it’ll take good care of you!”  The Word is powerful and swift as any two-barreled shotgun — ha — and certainly as any two-edged sword.  God bless, and “keep on thinking.”

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