The Iceman Cometh

Well, it’s been years now since scientists have been studying the remains of a Copper Age man who froze to death in the peaks of the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. Appropriately, he was given the name “Iceman” and much interest was given to him in the early 90’s. Now, new analyses of Heliobacter pylori germs (which are known to cause pyloric ulcers) found in his stomach have thrown into doubt one of the evolutionists’ most cherished theories about human evolution, called the “Out of Africa” theory (versus the “mult-regional” theory on the origin of Homo sapiens).  You may see the whole story for yourself at the link:

The article title simply states, “Bacteria found in Otzi the iceman could turn the Out of Africa theory on its head: 5,300 year-old germs suggest there was more than one mass migration into Europe.” Great pictures and video can be found with the article.

Wow. This is significant, since most Darwinists have come to canonize the idea that humans first evolved in Africa and then spread out to all the rest of the world. The problem with this particular strain of the germ is this. It doesn’t bear the genetic markers of the African strain of the bacterium. It looks more like the Asian strain! So what then? Did we really “evolve” in Asia and then carry this germ with us into the European population?

“Never fear” cry the evo-pundits. This only means to them that “the story” is way more complicated than they had previously thought. ‘Sound familiar? It seems almost every new scientific discovery leads to a train-wreck effect on the nice-and-tidy evo party line! The story went that we carried the African strain out with us when we migrated to Europe, picking up the Asian strain and then combining them in to the modern version that afflicts European stomachs today. So they are rightly wondering why there was no sign of any African germ DNA in a man who “just must” have been descended from Africa. Well, skirting the main issue, they have just merely decreed that “the merge” must have just happened after Iceman lived (which was probably not the 5300 years ago they claim, but more like 4000 years ago or later, not long after the Biblical dispersion from the Tower of Babel).

For now, let the evolutionists ponder this newest of many deep crevasses in their broken, failing theory. Meanwhile, we may let the creationists take heart in the new evidence that people did not all migrate “out of Africa,” but more likely out of the Middle East. Yeah. Just like the Good Book says.

You keep thinking. DrJ

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