Top Ten FAQs

Below are the more technically detailed portions for the answers to the above questions:

1. Where did Cain get his wife?

Adam and Eve were created perfect.  This would have included their DNA.  After the Fall, many things about life and the universe began an immediate course of decline.  Mutations began to happen in the DNA, and were inherited by each new generation.  At first, the genes damaged by mutations in one parent would have been few enough to be compensated for in the genes from the other parent.  Eventually, the same mutated genes would accumulate enough within a family line that two inbreeding parents might hand down the same bad gene to their child.  This would not have been true in the first generation.  The bad effects were not completely felt until the time of Moses.  Abraham was in the 19th generation after Adam, and he married his half-sister Sarah.  This pairing was genetically sound and spawned the Jewish nation, which still exists today.  Joseph was the 22cd generation after Adam.  400 years after that, God tells Moses in Leviticus, to forbid the marrying of siblings.  Today, it is taking a very high genetic risk to marry even a distant cousin.  People must now marry outside of their extended families, and it is even better if they marry outside of their ancestral people group.  So, contrary to the racist thinking of many today, so-called “mixed” marriages will produce children of the best genetic health possible.

2. Where did races come from?

It has now been found that there are more pronounced genetic differences –within– the “races” than there are –between– them.  This proves genetically, that the entire concept of human “races” is completely imaginary, both Biblically and scientifically.  The idea was created out of the fallen sinfulness of human thinking.  The Bible and science both agree — there is only one “human race.”
The main skin pigment molecule is melanin.  The more melanin, the darker the skin, and the more protected it is against the harmful rays of the sun.  In high-sun areas, this prevents sun poisoning and skin cancer.  This same dark pigmentation, however, in low-sun areas will be harmful, by blocking too much of the sunlight used by the the vitamin D production in the skin.  Vitamin D deficiency can be as unhealthy for dark skin in Sweden, as skin caner is for light skin in Ethiopia.  Only light skin can make enough vitamin D under such northern less-bright conditions.  The difference is only in the amount of melanin.  All human skin contains melanin, just in different concentrations.
Other facial, skin, and body features characteristic of the different people groups are easily explained by their magnification due to inbreeding within the same population for many generations.  Genetic drift, the founder effect, and genetic bottlenecks are accentuate the formation of these survival-neutral characteristics.
Don’t forget that all human DNA that we have today, came from only three mated couples aboard Noah’s Ark, which had as their own ultimate source a single mated pair named Adam and Eve.  Today, when we “mix bloodlines” we are not only increasing the chances of genetic health, but we are breeding back to the original appearance of humans from the time of Noah, and ultimately from the time of our first parents.  This may explain why “racially mixed” individuals are in such high demand as models and movie stars — their looks are closer to the look of our ancestors, at an earlier stage in the generational effects of Adam’s sin on us all.
3. How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?

Sir Richard Owen was the first curator of the Royal Museum in London, England.  All his professional lifetime he opposed Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.  Owen was also a devout Christian man, the originator of the Hyracotherium fossil, and inventor of the word “dinosaur.”
Job 40 describes the behemoth as a long-neck sauropod.  Job 41 describes the leviathan as an ocean-going tylosaur. Isaiah 30 gives a list of animals, naming the “flying serpent” among them. The Hebrew word “tanniyn” refers to and is often translated “monsters” or “whales” or “dragons.”  The Chinese and British are the most famous legends of the dragons.  Again, the ancient writings of these cultures describe dragons within lists of other animals that are accepted today today as “normal” and as having been seen by humans during their existence on Earth.  Many other cultural icons and artifacts, in addition to some fossil footprints, have provided evidence that dinosaurs and humans once lived at the same time.  Therefore,  the evolution model has the history of the world all wrong.

4. How does the Ice Age fit into the Bible?

Most scientific models for the Flood of Noah involve the activity of undersea volcanoes along the worldwide 44,000 mile long mid-ocean ridge, which breaks the ocean surface at Iceland, Surtsey, the Canary Islands, and the Azore Islands.  This could explain the year of catastrophic continental shifts at the time.  It would also increase the temperature of the worldwide ocean.  Warm seas and cool air would stir up evaporation patterns in Earth atmosphere into massive hurricane activity such as the world had not seen before nor since.
Evolutionary scientists coined the term “hypercane” describing each of the four gigantic hurricanes that raged above the oceans for centuries during atmospheric conditions like those following the Flood.  Warm mild air temperatures would rule the seacoasts and the midlands worldwide, with torrential rains.  In the uplands and in the higher latitudes nearer the poles, these rains would have fallen as blinding heavy snowfalls for the majority of the seasons.  The pile-up of snow would compress into massive ice sheets and glaciers, that would press their way from each of the poles and downward from any high mountain areas.  These conditions would have prevailed long enough for the ice to come as far south in North America, as Long Island, the Ohio River, and northern Kansas.  Once this episode of favorable ice-conditions was over (approximately 300-500 years) the ice would have begun a rapid melt-down and receded pole-ward once again, and likewise back up into the mountaintops from whence they have originated.  Today only Greenland and Antarctica are covered with ice sheets.  Some inland mountains still have glaciers today, even at lower latitudes if they are high enough (like Mount Kilimanjaro on the equator).  Japanese researchers have analyzed oxygen isotope ratios from the Greenland ice sheet and have concluded that once the Ice Age melt began, it only took 30 years for the ice to diminish to the coverage that we see today on the earth’s surface.
The historical record of the Bible makes no mention of the Ice Age, simply because the people and events recorded during that time period all were located in the area of today’s Middle East.  If an Ice Age were to occur today, the people living in the modern Middle East would also have no knowledge of it (were it not for the worldwide weather reports on the media).

5. If Earth is only 6000 years old, then how can we see light from stars that should have taken longer than that to get here?

According to Genesis One, there was a time when all there was in the universe was Earth and “the waters above.”  One promising cosmology that is both Biblical and scientific, explains that the waters would have severely depressed the fabric of space by their gravity throughout the entire universe.  Earth’s tiny effect would have only been felt locally.

The gravitational warping of space by the waters at the edge of the universe, would slow down time drastically.  The addition of the stars and their galaxies on the fourth day of the creation, would have gravity-depressed time to the point of a stand-still.  The continual stretching of space by the Hand of the Creator, would ultimately hoist the edges of the universe up and out of the time-well first.  Time would then make its comeback from the edges of the universe and gradually back toward the middle of space toward the location of Earth.  When time re-began at Earth’s location, the outer galaxies had already experienced 15 billion years while waiting for us to re-start.  On the fourth day of our world, light from the most distant objects in the universe would have had plenty of time to appear in Earth’s view of the night sky, without any violation of the known laws of nature, and without Earth being more than four days of age.

This stretching continues today.  Big Bang theorist claim that “Dark Energy” is pushing the galaxies apart from each other.  But really, they are just riding on the space that is stretching beneath them.  This view of space-stretching is confirmed by an observation of our deep-space probes, called the “Pioneer Anomaly.”  It is called a “discrepancy,” but is equal to the Hubble Constant for the “expansion” of the universe.  Galaxies are not receding by the residual of the Big Bang explosion.  They are merely attached to the stretching fabric of the space of our universe, by the Hand of God.

6. What about Global Warming?

Carbon emissions and other “greenhouse gas” emissions have no doubt been on the increase since the beginning of the human Industrial Age.  Atmospheric measurements confirm this.  Solar activity may enhance this.  Worldwide average seasonal temperature increases may or may not be indicating an inevitable warming trend.  Whether there is a global warming or not, is still not determined.  But even the most dismal scientific forecasts are nowhere near the apocalyptic flailings of the liberal-controlled media.  Liberal politicians are to be faulted for encouraging and manipulating the public fears of a “global meltdown.”  But the Church is to be also chided for taking sides on an issue that has nothing to do with a Biblical Worldview or a non-Biblical one.  Global Warming is simply a non-issue where Biblical science is concerned.  It must be abandoned as an adopted doctrine of modern Christianity.  It has no place at our table whatsoever, and is distracting Christian activists away from the truly more critical issues of the day.

7. Couldn’t God have made Adam and Earth both with “an appearance of age”?

Think of Adam as a new car on the showroom floor, “fully loaded” and ready for the road, but with zero mileage and no wear on the tires.  Earth was created in much the same situation.

Could God have created Earth and Adam with “appearance of age”?  Yes.  Did He do so?  There is no reason to believe that He did or would do so.

Could God have used the Big Bang as “His way” of creating the universe and used evolution as “His tool” for creating all species of life on Earth?  Yes.  Did He do so?  There is no reasoning toward believing that He did so, nor that He ever would do such a thing.  The Bible tells us so.  Verifiable science speaks against such imaginings.

8. Who were “the sons of God” in Genesis 6?

If Noah were actually the last surviving “purebred” from the stock of Seth, uncorrupted by the genetics of “the daughters of men,” it would explain a lot.  Noah was the last of the great humans to live to beyond 900 years old.  His son Shem lived to be only 600, followed by three generations living only into the 400’s, followed by five more living only into the 200’s.  Five generations later it was already rare for men to live past the age of 100, as it is today.  Perhaps Noah was the only one on the Ark whose DNA had not been polluted by the corrupted “daughters of men.”  Perhaps this is why he was the last to live past the age of 900, as may have been common to “the sons of God” among the pre-Flood human race.

9. How could there be days or time before God created the sun and Adam?

The argument that there could be no time before there was someone to experience it, is a pointless argument.  God was there, and He says that some periods of time indeed did pass before the time at which He made Adam.  It is like the old joke, “if a tree falls in the forest when no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”  The answer is yes, of course, it does.
As for day and night, all that is needed is a light source and a spinning Earth.  When God “separated the light from the darkness,” it could have been that God was gathering the light that He had created into one place; into a point source.  This would have left one side of the Earth in the light, while the other side would be in the dark on the shadow-side.  There is no reason to believe there were not days before the sun.  There was light before the sun.  There was evening and morning before the sun.  The Bible says so.  Even the Big Bang theory says there was light before there were stars.  Why can’t Christians believe it when the Bible says it?

10. Is the world going to end on December 21, 2012?

Much research has suggested that the Mayan calendar may only end at 2012 for the same reasons that the calendar you are using this month stops at the end of this “calendar year.”  It was stopped at this point on purpose, with full intent of beginning a new calendar year directly following that “ending.”
Theories about a “nemesis planet” or “nemesis star” are not based in observational science, nor even in rational hypothetical science.  They are based upon a superstitious misplace and misread trust in ancient science outside the Bible.  Such things are by definition therefore placed outside of the Biblical worldview and therefore cannot be trusted.
Many will remember a similar alarm at the Y2K or “year 2000” prediction of doom.  The Apocalypse will come when the Lord returns to set up His Kingdom, and to put all others under His feet.  When it does come, it will not be a day of doom for the ones who have put their trust in Him.  Amen.


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