Worship Our Creator and Savior

A new year is here, one with both promise and uncertainty. With a new year we begin to see things different. Sometimes we ready ourselves to try new activities or vow to avoid perils from last year. This thinking brings to mind a time in the Scripture that I believe was similar, yet on a much grander scale. Noah and his family had just went through the year of all years. They had spent over a year on the ark being covered by the Lord. All the while, losing family members they loved, being uprooted from there surroundings, not certain what the future held, and only having one Hope. Can you imagine for a moment the feelings Noah’s family would have had in those final days before the door opened? I am sure there was anxiousness to get off the vessel, but at the same moment anxiety of the unknown awaiting them outside. Some of their questioning thoughts might be, “What would creation look like or would it even be recognizable? Where will we live? How much will there be to eat? Is this disaster going to happen again? Where do we even start?” Wow, that is not far off of how some feel at this time of year.  Even if you are settled and ready for a new year, there are probably some in your family or church that are not. The very same questions often enter our thoughts for a new year. We must remember what Noah and his family did first – worship their Savior. They offered a sacrifice of thanksgiving and redemption. Then the Lord looked on that act of worship a made a covenant with them. Please remember the Lord is a covenant keeper. With this new year there are promises of prosperity being thrown around with a new President. There is anxiety by many that do not like the new President. Please heed this warning…if we fail to worship our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ first, we will miss a covenant He has made with us. This life is not about presidents, other elected officials, our jobs, homes, cars, or even family…first. It is, and always should be, about Jesus Christ who desires to covenant with His image-bearing creation. As we place our focus on Him in this new year, let us not get distracted by other things, but know our hope and peace can only be found in Him the same as it was in the days of Noah.


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