“You Don’t know the Half-Truth of It”

The clarion call of many ministries in the creation science education camp is also that of Creation Truth Foundation — “worldview matters.” It surely does. Errors in worldview have lately promoted the worst of the world’s lack of inhibitions as reflected in matters of STS (science-technology-society).

Worldview error is what causes the world to celebrate the “courage” of man in his 60’s who once achieved rock-star status as the male role model for American boys … now a “hero” as he decides to become a gelding. Insane. And, of course, by worldview error we mean any clear departure from the biblical worldview. One might think instant insanity might not be the result of departing from the authority of the Scriptures, but … just take one look around!

Worldview error has caused the world to celebrate the return to a century-ago debunked secular theory of the universe, which says that all matter and energy are eternal and had no beginning. Such is the latest new-and-improved version of the canonized Big Bang Theory of cosmology. Even as the science data forces them into more and more of a corner on this, their response is only to intensify their “atheistic apologetic” into high gear and “just try harder.”

As more distinctions blur in the definitions of “man” and “woman” and “marriage” and “family” it is no surprise to see science and politics trying desperately to legitimize these new and confused “definitions.” I remember Huey Lewis’ song “Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love” from the 80’s. Its prophecy has certainly come true.

And from whence cometh all this confusion? Much of our CTF staff were at a lecture by evo-atheist evangelist Richard Dawkins, at a nearby major university campus a few years back. The title of his lecture was “The Purpose of Purpose.” His conclusion (of course)? There is no purpose. Well then, what shall we say about that? “There is nothing new under the sun.” I guess we can’t be too surprised.

And it’s not even a new thing that our civilization should use “science” to “prove” that these extra-biblical worldview conclusions are valid. Just be on your guard. The “spirits of strong delusion” have surely been unleashed as predicted upon this current generation. What do we do? Remember our purpose. Remember our calling. We’re not perfect, but our Master is – and so is His Word. Hold fast. Stir up the gifts. The hour is late. The night is dark. Let His heavenly light shine forth in our human lives. Amen.

Keep thinking, DrJ

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